We feel there is a great future for exciting vegetarian cuisine that promotes local, seasonal and organic produce.


Tierra Kitchen is all about the quality of the food. We feel our vegetarian dishes are packed with flavour, while being innovative, healthy and delicious.

Tierra Kitchen celebrates an A1 location in the heart of Lyme Regis cultural quarter, alongside Town Mill Bakery and the Old Mill. The cafe/restaurant has a warm, naturally-rustic feel inside, while outside there is a sunny streamside terrace.  It is comfortable, relaxed and unassuming with friendly and efficient service.

Brunch/lunch means a selection of Mediterranean classics such as our unique take on mezze, tagine, tart tatin alongside our a la carte menu.

Dinner means a weekly changing menu, original dishes with twists on classics, with a Spanish, French and North African influence. These are complemented by a carefully chosen wine list.  

Our first cookbook has gone a storm in 2015, we also have a wide selection of vegetarian recipes.


There's nothing better than a homemade meal. So, when you're not eating one of ours, we thought we'd suggest a few you can make yourself. Our everyday recipes are money-saving and easy to prepare, but still delicious. Our entertaining range has a 'wow' factor. We also have a 'fresh' section of simple original flavour combinations that need less cooking.


Tierra Kitchen is the brainchild of Mark Evans. Until recently, Mark ran Bristol's Café Maitreya – twice named 'Restaurant of the Year' by the National Vegetarian Society and winner of the 2007 Observer food monthly award for "Best vegetarian restaurant" 2007. With consistent listings in the Good Food Guide, Café Maitreya was part of a renaissance in vegetarian cuisine.

Tierra Kitchen takes the ideas behind Café Maitreya's success to a home audience, using the bounty of local ingredients available.

"Mark put Cafe Maitreya on the culinary map, locally and nationally, with a raft of awards that placed it firmly at the top of the pile when it came to genuinely interesting, well crafted vegetarian food.

Not only did he raise the bar for meat-free cookery, he also made Cafe Maitreya a must-visit restaurant whether you were vegetarian or not, thanks to innovative flavour combinations and ingredients."

Mark Taylor, Bristol Evening Post