White chocolate and strawberry roly-poly recipe

This baked swiss roll style roulade can be re-heated and served with a good custard like a roly-poly or served as a cold dessert with a fruit compot or lemon caramel.

Serves 6-8

Equipment needed: a 35cm x25cm baking tray (or similar square size) lined with baking parchment


  • 2 large eggs
  • 75gms caster sugar
  • 75gm self raising flour
  • 200gms strawberry jam
  • 100gm double cream
  • 200gm white chocolate


Pre-heat oven to 160ºC

Firstly whisk together the eggs and caster sugar until fluffy and tripled in volume. Gently fold in the flour in three lots. Transfer the mix onto the lined baking tray and carefully even out with a palette knife. Bake for nine minutes at 160ºC or until firm to touch. Allow the roulade to cool for five minutes then cover with a damp teatowel to keep the roularde moist.

Meanwhile make the simple chocolate ganache by bringing the cream to the boil, then pouring over the white chocolate pieces in a bowl. Leave to cool for two minutes then beat together with a wooden spoon until smooth.

When the roularde has cooled to "just warm", turn it out onto a new oversized piece of baking parchment.

Evenly spread on the strawberry jam, followed by the white chocolate ganache.

NB the ganache should still be warm. It is difficult to spread if beginning to re-set.

Finally, using the baking parchment as a lever, evenly roll the roularde together lengthways until tight and compact. Re-fridgerate for thirty minutes before slicing and serving.