Buttery cheese and tomato mini pizzas recipe

These simple to make mini pizzas are adored by children, who may like to get involved in rolling and adding the topping. Flakey pastry together with simple cheese and tomato, a real children's favourite.

Makes 6 mini pizzas

Equipment needed: a flat baking tray, rolling pin and baking parchment


  • 500gm all butter puff pastry
  • 100gm cheddar cheese, grated
  • 120gm cherry tomatoes, cut in half or 3 small to medium tomatoes sliced into 6 pieces.


Pre-heat oven to 180ºC

On a well floured surface, carefully roll out the pastry to a 2-3mm thickness. Then using a 12cm diameter round cutter or a similar size bowl cut out 6 round pizzas and place on the tray lined with baking parchment. Use the offcuts by carefully layering them together to keep 'the fold' of the pastry, this ensures the layers of butter and pastry bake evenly and upwards.

Carefully make indentations with an index finger 1cm in from the edge of the pastry. This creates an inside area to place the topping, so the outer edge puffs up.

Divide the chopped tomatoes into the inside area of the pizzas, then sprinkle the cheese equally over the tomatoes.

Allow the pastry to rest for ten minutes (or refridgerate and bake later). Before baking at 180ºC for 10-12 minutes until the outer edge is puffed, crisp and golden.