Rowan and crab jelly recipe

Rowan berries, the fruit of the mountain ash, which is common throughout Britain, are best picked in September/October. They make the most delicious tangy, orange-red jelly which is a great accompaniment for cheese, veggie sausages and is particularly good with globe artichoke. Adding apples improves the set - use cooking apples instead of crab apples if you wish.

Makes 4-5 jars

Equipment needed: a preserving pan or good solid-bottomed saucepan


900g rowan berries

900g crab apples

white sugar


Remove the rowanberries from their stalks and wash well. Cut up the apples roughly and place both fruits in a pan with just enough water to cover them.

Simmer gently for about 45 minutes, or until the fruit is soft. Then crush with a potato masher; and strain through a jelly bag overnight.

Measure the juice and pour into a clean pan with 80% sugar added to 100% juice.

Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, then boil rapidly for about 10 minutes, or until setting point is reached. Pot and cover in sterilised jars.