Vegan meringues

These meringues are crispy and neutral flavoured just like their counterparts with eggs. Add vanilla seeds or lemon zest at the end of the process for extra punch…


  • 100g tinned chick pea water
  • 240g caster sugar, divided into 3 lots of 80g


Pre heat oven to 70 degrees C

Whisk the chick pea water with 80g caster sugar in a very clean mixing bowl, either by machine or by hand until peaked and thick. Add the next 80g of sugar slowly while rapidly whisking, continue whisking until the meringue is really thick and peaky, easily maintaining its shape. Carefully fold the remaining 80g sugar into the mix, so thoroughly incorporated.

Transfer mix to a piping bag and pipe desired shapes onto a tray lined with baking parchment.

Bake for at least 4 hours at 70 degrees C or until the merengues are dry and crisp.