Vegetarian Ready Meals

Tierra Kitchen vegetarian ready mealsOur new range of hand-prepared meals use the finest quality ingredients. And always features a local, seasonal organic star.

With a depth of flavour second to none in vegetarian cookery, each dish has the restaurant quality to suit a special occasion – at an everyday price.

Each ready meal's:

  • Fully prepared
  • Baked at home, inside dish's revolutionary heatable wooden box
  • Inside 100% bio-degradable organic packaging
  • Available fresh or frozen (you'll need to de-frost first)

We've also designed a range of sauces and dressings to add even more flavour.

All dishes are suitable for vegetarians. Some are suitable for vegans. And some are gluten free.

Buy our Vegetarian Ready Meals

We are selling our vegetarian ready meals at:

  • The Olive Shed Shop - 123 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8AX - See a map
  • We're also working on a delivery service

Our spring to early summer ready meals:

Applewood Cheddar tart tatinCrisp all butter puff pastry with roast butternut squash, caramelised red onion and pumpkin seeds

This delicious "upside down" savoury tart has a great depth of flavour and texture with its caramelised smoked applewood cheddar and homemade all butter puff pastry. In the centre of the tart comes mouth watering butternut squash, roasted with honey and olive oil. This dish is pre cooked, simply rebake in the 100% biodegradable baking mould for 25 minutes. Serve with a fresh leaf salad and a tangy dressing like salsa verde or Tierra Kitchen raspberry vinegar dressing.

Available in two sizes;

250gm, serves one to two, £3.99

500gm, serves two to three, £6.99 

Suitable for vegetarians

Asparagus and ricotta cannelloniEnglish asparagus, pak choi and ricotta rolled in buckwheat crepes with mature cheddar bechamel

This hearty full flavoured summer treat has a light creamy ricotta and asparagus filling, packed inside fine buckwheat crepes. Between the layers is crisp local pak choi; all bound together with a mature cheddar bechamel. Tierra Kitchen has pickled plenty of asparagus to extend the season of this popular dish. We recommend a tomato and chilli relish as an accompanyment.

Available in large size; 600gms, serves two to three comfortably, £6.99

Suitable for vegetarians, and gluten free.

Feta, fig and spinach filoLayered filo with caramelised red onion, beetroot and figs, Somerset spinach, and feta cheese.

The combination of fresh wilted spinach with olive oil and nutmeg, caramelised red onion and sweet figs with full flavoured feta cheese and roast courgettes makes this a summer classic. The filo pastry is brushed with butter and olive oil to ensure crispness when baked, and is topped with sundried tomato and pumpkin seeds This dish is simply baked for 30 minutes in the 100% biodegradable baking mould. Try serving with Tierra Kitchen honey and walnut dressing.

Available in two sizes;

250gms, serves one to two, £3.99

500gms, serves two to three, £6.99 

Suitable for vegetarians.

Romano spring rouladeRoast Romano pepper and spring green roulade with carrot and cashew nut filling

This visually stunning dish combines carefully roasted sweet Romano peppers with olive oil and raspberry vinegar, gently wilted local spring greens and a filling of roast carrot, cashews and cous cous seasoned with lemon. The result is a light, nutritious flavour packed treat which is dairy free and great served hot or cold. To serve hot simply bake in the 100% biodegradable baking mould for 25 minutes at 180°C, We recommend serving the roulade with Tierra Kitchen raspberry vinegar dressing.

Available in two sizes;

250gms, serves one to two, £3.99

500gms, serves two to three, £6.99

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans